No Man’s Art Gallery pops up in Cape Town

No Man’s Art Gallery pops up in Cape Town

The No Man’s Art Gallery has come to South Africa! The exhibition, which has shown in cities like Amsterdam, Hamburg, Shanghai, Copenhagen and Paris, arrived on South African at the end of March. The exhibition ran until 6 April.

The exhibition has enjoyed some amazing success at previous shows all around the world and the pop-up show in Cape Town was no different.

The No Man’s Art Gallery concept
Every few months, the No Man’s Art Gallery team picks a new city from around the world where they will host a pop-up gallery. In the lead up to the event, they approach young artists from the city to exhibit at the event. These are usually up and coming artists, many of whom have never had the chance to exhibit their work. Artists are invited to submit portfolios and then the selection process begins.

For unestablished artists, even trying to make a living off of their art proves to be a difficult task. This is especially true as we go through a recession. When the economy is on a downward turn, it is usually areas like arts and culture where major cutbacks are seen. It is sad to think that some amazing talent will never be recognized because these artists do not have the means to exhibit their work. With the No Man’s Art Galleries, these unrecognized artists will have the chance for their work to be seen. It is amazing step in the right direction for the creative industry. The team at No Man’s Art Gallery have made it their purpose to expose the international art community to the work of up and coming young artists. And the team should know about the youth: the gallery’s founder and curator, Emmelie Koster is only 27 years old. In order to find the young artists for the event, Koster spends three months in each city in the lead up to the show, in order to get a feel for the talent in the area.

The event in Cape Town ran for one week only. Opening night saw quite a young crowd of people, and the secret location turned out to be the Rockwell at Greenpoint. Koster said that in comparison to other artists, Cape Town artists are quite open in conversation. She also found that there is a definite “beach city vibe” in the city, which proved to be both relaxing and stressful during her three month stay.

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