Cape Town Auctioneers and what they auction

If you are interested in attending auctions or perhaps you would like to sell your valuables through auctioneers in Cape Town, it helps to know which auctioneers are out there and what they specialise in. No two auction house is exactly the same, and each auction house brings with it its own specialisations. Here are the auctioneers in Cape Town and what you can expect from them.

Rudd’s Auctioneers & Appraisers
Rudd’s Auctioneers specialises in the auction of antiques, fine and decorative art, 20th century interiors and collectables. Charles Rudd comes with over 40 years of experience, specialising in the auction of antiques in South Africa as well as Europe. He is a sworn Government Appraiser and a Valuer for the district of the Cape. His skills will come in very handy for those who would like appraisals on estates and for family division and insurance purposes.

Rudd’s Auctioneers holds antique and 20th century interiors and collectables auctions twice a month. All auctions are uncatalogued. For specialised, catalogued auctions of antiques as well as fine and decorative art, auctions are held twice a year. All items are displayed on Rudd’s website.

Bidfast Auctioneers
Bidfast Auctioneers specialise in the sale of items in the restaurant and catering businesses. They auction off catering and chef equipment, as well as furniture and appliances. They have auctioned off the assets of more than 634 coffee shops, butcheries, restaurants and other food related businesses. They are considered the leaders in the auction of catering equipment and furniture.

Other types of items that they specialise in is the auction of vehicles and boats, as well as industrial and farm industry equipment. They take care of all preparations before the auction, the marketing and advertising of the auction as well as the safe storage of vehicles and equipment. They also conduct any necessary pre-sale maintenance and cleaning.

The types of buyers who should attend a Bidfast auction are those in the catering and farming industries, or simply those looking for a good deal on a boat or industrial equipment for their business. Buying equipment such as stoves, massive fridges and other appliances for a restaurant or take-away business can be extremely costly, and even more so if you purchase all the items brand new. It can save a lot of money to get good deals on items that are in perfectly working order.

There are many other auctioneers available in Cape Town. Before attending auctions, do some research online and see which auctioneer specialises in the types of items you wish to buy. This can be anything from antiques to houses.