Ellerman House: Luxury accommodation and a historical art gallery

Ellerman House: Luxury accommodation and a historical art gallery

If you live for art gallery openings, local artist exhibitions, and fine wine, then it would be a rewarding life experience to enjoy a stay in the gorgeous Ellerman House in Bantry Bay in the Western Cape. Not only is the architecture of this hotel an artwork in itself, but the Ellerman House Contemporary is the hotel’s art gallery, which continues the tradition of the original home owners’  appreciation of history and fine things. This is definitely not a stay at a scuba diving lodge.

The origins of Ellerman House

The ideal location of Ellerman House on the mid slopes of the majestic Lion’s Head and overlooking an incredible ocean view, makes it a sought-after destination for travellers wishing to splurge on a truly exclusive getaway. The positioning of this enviable property was no accident, as the original owners – Sir John and Lady Ellerman – were shipping magnates and savvy investors and Ellerman House was once their home. It’s an Edwardian mansion prized not only for its view, but also for its architecture and the wine and art collections housed within.

A private, luxury stay at Ellerman House

Checking in at Ellerman House, which is now a 13-roomed hotel – means that not only do you get to experience the peace and splendour of this luxury residence in Bantry Bay, but you’ll also be afforded the privilege of viewing owner, Paul Harris’s, magnificent art and wine collection. His is the envy of other collectors of fine art, yet Harris is proud to share his passion for history, wine, and art with all who offer themselves the opportunity to stay at Ellerman House. The gallery and restaurant are not open to the public, which means that only a fortunate few will get to view the collections and feast on the sumptuous cuisine.

The art collection at Ellerman House

What better place to hold a visual history spanning more than 100 years than the art gallery of this historical building. The art collection at Ellerman House is what distinguishes it from other boutique hotels in South Africa – a collection of mostly South African works that has taken more than 30 years to assemble, yet which delights hotel guests who come to enjoy and appreciate this original collection. From Volschenk to Khumalo, Stern to Kentridge, and many more South African greats, the extensive collection is rotated every season, which means that if you’re fortunate enough to visit more than once, you’ll have a different experience when viewing the art gallery the second, third, and fourth times.

Ellerman House also offers a wide range of luxury experiences from spa treatments to the whiskey lounge, pantry, library, and outdoor leisure. But it’s not all leisure and exclusivity – Harris’s philosophy is uniquely philanthropic and he encourages others to give back to the community.